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Golden Harvest

The hybrids are the most innovative corn seed in the marketplace!

BLE0024N_03.tifcorn harvest

The most innovative corn in the marketplace because of its unmatched combination of breakout genetics and breakthrough traits.

As trait and seed treatment options have multiplied, no decision has become more fundamental than choosing the right hybrid!  Syngenta® has developed an unmatched lineup of corn hybrids loaded with innovation and powered by broad genetic diversity, along with industry-leading technology to help farmers grow more corn.

Golden Harvest® is the most innovative corn in the marketplace because of its unmatched combination of breakout genetics and breakthrough traits, along with the Syngenta® Yield Engineering System which brings forth high performing genetic options by proprietary method when you follow the advice of your Syngenta® Seed Advisor, Bob Pehrson Seeds. New combinations, a broader genetic pool and better science have resulted in the fastest overall rate of genetic gain in corn hybrids.  With high performing genetic options across all environments, the new portfolio of Golden Harvest® hybrids is expected to deliver an average of ten (10) bushels per acre more than past options which will help you grow more corn.

When you plant Golden Harvest® corn, not only are you choosing best-in-class genetics, but you are also choosing experienced local knowledge from Bob Pehrson Seeds as your Syngenta® Seed Advisor.  Bob Pehrson Seeds provides seed expertise for your farm and can provide consults that include whole acre recommendations designed to deliver customized solutions to meet your growing challenges and to maximize your performance potential.

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 Integrated Corn Rootworm Management

It is time for a change in corn rootworm management.  Syngenta® knows that long-term management of the industry’s most devastating corn pest will require a multi-year, whole-farm approach along with the integration of multiple control technologies.  There is an important balance between corn rootworm control, yield protection and resistance management.  Bob Pehrson Seeds knows how to develop a tailored solution that can help you to achieve all three:  yield protection, resistance management and most important corn rootworm control.  The high-performing genetics from Golden Harvest® corn brands, paired with game-changing traits, premium seed treatments and market-leading insecticides will help you to successfully control more insects than any other brand, and that helps farmers grow more corn.


 Provides the best above-ground insect control in the industry!

Key pests include:


As the first vegetative insecticidal protein (VIP) in corn, Agrisure Viptera® trait is a testament to the industry-leading agronomic expertise and commitment to cutting-edge research and development that helps consistently deliver innovative solutions to the market.

LINK TO:     Agrisure Viptera® WEBPAGE

agrisure artesion

Maximizes yield when it rains & increases yield when it doesn’t!


Agrisure Artesian® technology is offered in top-yielding hybrids and provides season-long protection against moisture stress.  This technology translates to increased yield potential on any type of ground: good, dry, variable or irrigated.

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Offers built-in corn rootworm control with proven results!

Agrisure Duracade™ trait stacks deliver unmatched corn rootworm control.

If you are interested in trying this new trait, contact Bob Pehrson Seeds for details because this product is not yet approved for world-wide sales at this time.  Approval is pending at this time.

LINK TO:    Agrisure Duracade™ WEBPAGE

Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status. Caution: Do not spray E-Z Refuge products with glufosinate ammonium based herbicides, include Ignite® and Liberty® herbicides. Agrisure Viptera®, Agrisure Duracade™,E-Z Refuge® and the Syngenta® logo are trademarks of a Syngenta® Group Company Performance evaluations vs. competitive products are based solely upon interpretation of research trials and/or publicly available information.

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