Strobel™ Seed Tenders

When you are looking to find a way to transport and protect your seeds Bob Pehrson Seeds offers a full line of seed tenders for your farming operation from Strobel™.

Seed Tenders can save hours of time when the seed is loading, as well as deliver specific quantities of seed treated with products and rates based on the field’s needs.

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Strobel™ Seed Tenders

Strobel™ Manufacturing is committed to being the best manufacturer of farm equipment in North America.  Bob Pehrson Seeds is proud to be a licensed dealer of these quality seed handling products.

Offering Box Seed Tenders and Bulk Seed Tenders designed for your farming operation needs.

Bulk Seed Tenders

Available in 100, 200, 300 & 400 Bushel Models


Balanced design saving wear on your truck.
Twin 10,000# Torsion Axles, with electric brakes.
Lundell Poly cup 7”or 8” Augers, gentle on seed.
Low profile, 6’11” Fill Height, safer and easy to fill.
Several models available to fit your seed transport needs.

 Box Seed Tenders

Available in 2, 3, 4 & 6 Box Models


The farming community is going to bulk seed.
Saves significant labor and time, plant more acres per day.
Well built, water tight & totally welded.
Designed & engineered for low maintenance.
Plastic Lundell Cup auger minimizes seed damage.

Optional Equipment:

  • Dry Talc Applicator Kit
  • Liquid Inoculant Kit
  • Dual Work Light Kit
  • Scale Package (5 bar system)
  • Wireless Remote Auger Control

For additional details on Strobel™ Products

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