Seed Treatments

Seed Treatments

an effective way to control pests & start the season with a more vigorous crop

The latest information on what is available in seed treatments and how they perform is essential when considering your next hybrid or variety.  Bob Pehrson Seeds offers “prescription treatments” that are specially formulated for your farm based on field size, quantity, and seed variety as well as insecticide, fungicide and inoculant rates which are customized to your needs.


Using the TruBulk System in our seed treatment process allows Bob Pehrson Seeds to maximize efficiency, while we improve safety concerns and increase delivery speed.  The seed flows quickly from tanks, through the scale and seed treater, directly into the seed tender. This process can save you hours of time when the seed is loading and allows us to improve our service delivery time with a much safer system. This system eliminates bulk bags and boxes that need to be stacked, emptied, shipped and returned.  No more riding a forklift and handling package seed, you can spend your time being more productive and efficient in your farming operation!

bob and sandy on tractor

What is Seed Treatment?

In agriculture, a seed treatment is a chemical, typically antimicrobial or antifungal, with which seeds are treated prior to planting. Less frequently insecticides are added. Seed treatments can be an environmentally more friendly way of using pesticides as the amounts used can be very small. It is usual to add color to make treated seed less attractive to birds if product spills and also easier to see for clean up in the case of an accidental spillage.

Seed coating is a thicker form of covering of seed and may contain growth promoters and or seed treatment as well as an inert carrier and a polymer outer shell.

Bob Pehrson Seeds uses the USC Seed Treater to custom treat your favorite seed to your specifications.


Seed Treatment Options

cruisermaxx vibranceCruisermax


cruisermaxx corn

Clariva Complete Beans


Avicta logo

Avicta Corn


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