Seeds for All Seasons!

For all your farm seed needs contact Bob Pehrson Seeds in rural Dawson, Minnesota! Bob Pehrson Seeds is a full service dealer for Syngenta® Seed, Strobel™ Seed Tenders and is also a certified Seed Treatment specialist with equipment to treat any brand or variety of seed in west central Minnesota near the South Dakota border.


Bob Pehrson has been farming near Dawson, Minnesota since 1974 and has a long history of experience working with multiple seed varieties, seed treatments and delivery systems.  Bob Pehrson Seeds serves west central Minnesota, as well as north eastern South Dakota offering quality products to farmers looking to maximize their yields, decrease their inputs and increase their profitability.  There are many customers in west central Minnesota that are served by Bob Pehrson Seeds including:  Boyd, Dawson, St. Leo, Clarkfield, Canby, Madison, etc.; along with farmers just across the South Dakota border including:  Gary and Clear Lake.


If you need guidance with choosing the best seed variety for your soil
call Bob Pehrson Seeds!
We can also help with custom seed treatment for weed and pest control.


As a Syngenta® Seed Advisor, Bob Pehrson Seeds offers a full line of products including Golden Harvest Corn® and NK® Brand Soybeans with a wide variety of genetics, maturity, and specialty treatment options designed to fit your crop needs.

If you are looking for the best seed delivery system
call Bob Pehrson Seeds
for information on
Strobel™ Seed Tenders

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